Family Law/Divorce

Divorce: Globalization in changing the world. The number of international marriages and families is growing every day. Whether problems arise it is essential to find out the right legal advice in order to protect your family rights. Because Family Law is different in every country it is very important to be assisted and find out the applicable law to the end of a marriage.


International inheritance process in Spain can be long and expensive. ValenciaLawyers V.L. Abogados highly recommend you to sign a Will in Spain for your Spanish properties. This simple action will make things much easier for your relatives and family. We have a long practice in Inheritance Law and will advice you in all matters connected to a succession process in Spain.

NIE numbers (foreigners identification number)

We will help you to obtain your foreigner identification number, which is necessary to complete fiscal matters in Spain. This number is also necessary to start the process for obtaining Residency and Work permits.

Residency/Work Permits

As part of our services, we can assist you to obtain your Residency and Work Permit and all the licenses required to the opening of new businesses

Car import & transfers

Importing a car into Spain involves a bureaucratic process that can take months and a lot of paper work. We are more than happy to take care of this issue for you, saving you time and headaches.

Fiscal and Taxes advice

Once the purchase of your property is completed, its wise to name a fiscal representative whether or not you decide to live in Spain. This person, (either a friend, or a qualified professional) will be your “contact” with the Spanish tax authorities. That person must make sure that you receive any necessary information about your fiscal matters in Spain.

Both Residents and non-residents, are entitled to pay local taxes (IBI or “Contribución Urbana”), which often includes public electricity and rubbish collection.

Residents and non-residents in Spain are subject to income taxation. The most common income obtained by non-residents is from employment, economic activity, dividends, interest or Real Estate.

Specifically with Real Estate, regardless of whether or not the property is let, any yield obtained is subject to Non Resident Income Tax. However, the taxation can differ depending on circumstance.

Capital gains tax also applies when you sell Real Estate, antiques, stocks, a business, and the like. For further information, just ask.

All administrative matters

Healthcare issues and National Insurance:

If you pay Social Security, the Spanish Healthcare System offers free or low cost health service. Depending on your residency circumstances, different forms will be necessary to obtain urgent and non-urgent treatments.

We can also help you to:

  • Transferring the payment of your pension to Spain
  • Getting a Spanish driving license
  • An introduction and dealing with the Spanish banking system

We are more than happy to provide advice on general matters that you may be finding confusing, don't hesitate to ask.

Litigation and Legal matters

Either for individuals or companies, we will assist in resolving any issues if difficulties arise. Included in the scope of our services are debt collection, labour law, insurance matters, consumer rights and the like.

Do not hesitate to ask for more information and budget.