As part of our service we can:

Provide advice when drafting or checking a contract supplied by the seller of the property.

Identify apparent problems within documents, and make necessary checks of the property planning permission and licences.

Arrange the necessary research with the Land Registry Office to establish the actual ownership of the property, and ensure that there are no charges, debts, or encumbrance on the property, including any occupants or tenants.

Make the necessary arrangements to complete the transfer of the property, by signing the purchase deed before a Spanish Notary. We will assist you by being present on the day of the transfer. This is advisable, in considering that a Spanish Notary will not give legal advice to either the buyer or the seller. The Notary only acts as witness, for confirmation that the title has been signed in his or her presence and understood by the parties in the contract.

Assist in obtaining a NIE number (foreign citizen identification number).

Arrange the payment of fees and taxes connected to the purchase process.

Deal with the registration of the purchase deeds at the Land Registry, confirming the registration title, and handing it back to you once the process has been checked and completed.

Transfer of utility contracts (electricity, water, etc).

If you can not able to be present to complete any of these processes, or finalise the transfer of the property, we may act on your behalf by your granting us ‘Power of Attorney’.